Thursday, September 22, 2016

Soap In A Bed!

I have Restless Legs Syndrome, I have had it for years. It's really annoying to have my legs so wide awake when I need to sleep. I also have degenerative  arthritis in both of my knees. I have a hard time walking down stairs, but I can do it, I just look a bit awkward walking down the stairs sideways. I don't know if RLS and degenerative arthritis have anything in common as far as sleeping goes, I just know that my legs can give me problems when being tired and trying to sleep.
I read on the internet that putting a bar of soap under your bed sheet can alleviate RLS, so I put a unwrapped bar of soap under my fitted bed sheet down by the foot of my side of the bed. The first night I slept well and forgot that I put that bar of soap under my bed. After a few weeks, I've notice that my legs were sleeping with me. I still have a few bad nights (not as bad as the nights without the bar of soap), but all in all I thinking that the bar of soap works. Hey it's cheep!
Sometimes I wake up and find Jodie sleeping right on top of that bar of soap. I don't think she has restless legs syndrome, but I know she has some type of  doggie arthritis, maybe that helps her, who knows?
One day when I was at work and TC had the day off, he decided to do laundry and wash the bed sheets. He found the bar of soap that I had tied up in a sock under the fitted sheet on my side of the bed. He was extremely concerned that he had found this in our bed. Apparently this is a weapon prisoners use in prison to hurt other prisoners.
Holy cow! how was I to know?  Obviously he watches a lot TV and a lot of crime and criminal shows! 
I explained to him about the bar of soap and the RLS syndrome and printed out some information from the internet. He read the info and felt reassured that I wasn't going to hurt him with the bar of soap tied up in the sock under the fitted bed sheet on my side of the bed.
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