Friday, September 16, 2016

Our dinner conversation

TC talking at the dinner table last night:
"I had to go to get a motorized shopping cart from the parking lot and a lady is sitting in her car beside the cart eating, and wanted to know if I could bring it back in ten minutes", she obviously was hungry and wanted to take an eating break. At his job they have motorized carts for disabled people. Apparently this lady walked into the store got the motorized cart went to the deli bought some fried chicken and went to her car to eat it. He and his co-workers have keep and eye on the carts as they need to be brought back to the store and plugged back in to charge.
TC had to tell the other guy working not to go and get the motor cart as the lady was busy eating and wanted to continue shopping when she was finished.
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 In the  lawn and garden department, A lady asked him "do you have that bag of mulch that is $1.50"?  He told her that the only mulch they had left was $2.50 a bag. The lady told him it looked the same as the picture of the bag of mulch on her cell phone that was on sale for $1.50 a bag. He tried to explain that they were sold out of the mulch that was on sale for $1.50 and it was a smaller bag, but the lady huffed and puffed and walked out of the store.

I sometimes feel like I'm working at my own yard sale with people saying what's the best price that you can give me. HELLO, it's not our stuff to sell, it belongs to the store that you are shopping in.
I like sales, coupons and bargains just like anyone else. These times are tough and we all need a good deal, but I try to be realistic.  
All in the day of retail.............

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