Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Dogs Are Barking!

Working on my feet all day sure does take a toll on my feet and knees. I'm desperately  trying to find "good looking" but comfortable work shoes. We are not supposed to wear tennis shoes, unless we have a doctors note. With my arthritic knees, I'm sure I could get that note, but I don't find them very comfortable. We sell Clarks shoes and they seem to work, however they only work for a few hours. I do notice that standing still will bother me more than moving around, thankfully I have a job where I can walk and stretch. 
My problem is that I don't wear shoes at home and in the summer I'm wearing flip flops or sandals. After a few days off and being barefoot or wearing sandals, putting on shoes and going to work really makes my dogs bark!
I really should wear shoes at home, but I kick them off as soon as I walk in the door.
I did go to a "Super Shoe" store just a few minutes away from our house and found a pair of Klogs and so far they seem to work, they are nice looking and have a lot  arch support. I'm told that nurses love them. Hey if nurses can walk around in them for a 12 hour shift, then they should work for me.  
  Before going to the store and buying the Klogs, I ordered a pair of shoes from the internet, they were comfortable, but they were made out of some type of brushed suede, after a few days of going in and out of work in the rain, they didn't look so good. They were also red, I love red but they didn't go with everything. So far, these Klogs seem to be the best for my feet and knees.
I personally think that going to the store and trying on the shoes and walking around in them is the best way to go.   
I'm sure you don't want me to go on yacking about shoes.
Perhaps I'll talk about the dreaded "Gray Thursday-Black Friday" that is coming up upon retail workers really quick.
Yep, that's right, Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving day. I read and see about people on social media trying to boycott all of the department stores that open on Thanksgiving day.  I certainly do understand why they are doing that. Thanksgiving is supposed a day set aside to spend with family and be thankful for your family and all that life has blessed you with.
But just think for a moment.........all of these stores wouldn't be open on Thanksgiving day if they didn't make any money. Yep, you got it, people are waiting in line long before we unlock the doors so they can shop. So there you go, don't blame the stores for opening on Thanksgiving day, people are actually going out to shop on this special day to be thankful!
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