Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Wonderful Guest For The Weekend!

I had a darling little visitor for the weekend.
Jacob came to stay the weekend with me aka "Gigi". We had a wonderful time.
The weather was rainy so we played indoors with puppets, puzzles, books and a little bit of TV. His favorite TV show is "Mickey Mouse".  
Jacob just loves puzzles and he is very good at putting them together.

Jacob will be 2 years old on January 7. I know I'm just a wee bit bias, but I think he is a smart little boy. He is counting, sometimes up to 12 and singing his ABC's. He also is getting into many things and has to be watched with a very careful eye.
I turned my back just for a moment and this is what I found.
Little stinker.
I always thought that being a mom was great, but being a grandmother is the best thing ever!
I love my visits with Jacob and can't wait until he comes for the weekend again. The house sure seems quiet now.....
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